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5 For 10 Shirts

The 5 for 10 shirts are a good deal if you want to save money on your purchase. They're made well, come in different designs, and are comfortable to wear. They're made from lightweight, airy fabric that's ideal for warmer climates. They're especially good for hot summer months.


Price Guide for 5 for 10 shirts


Before you order 5 for 10 t-shirts, you need to decide on the right price. Usually, the price is calculated on a per-site basis, but if you are printing more than one side, the price will increase. For instance, a light-colored shirt can be printed in up to 10 colors, but a dark-colored shirt can only have eight colors printed on it.

The price will depend on the colors, quantity, and size of the t-shirts. If you are placing an order after three business days, you should add 75% to the total, and if the order is placed within one day, you will pay 100% of the total.


Sites that sell value tees


Sites that sell value-tee shirts are often created by artists and are not limited to t-shirt designs. With this in mind, you may want to try these sites out.

You can create a unique design and have it printed on a white t-shirt. These sites have tools to help you make it look great. You can also choose the color of the t-shirt and the wording.


For example, if you're interested in creating a limited-edition T-shirt, you should consider Textual Tees. This site offers T-shirt printing services and a digital shop. You can sell your original artwork on clothing by creating a t-shirt design on the site and uploading it as a PNG file.

It will then go on sale for 72 hours. Although you cannot set the price, you can still profit from your design. You can get up to $4 per full-price commission and $2 for sale price commission. Then, you can get paid every 15th and through your PayPal account.


Sites that sell custom tees


Unlike most custom tees, which are custom-made by an outside designer, sites that sell 5 for 10 custom tee designs can be produced for a cheap price. These websites, such as RedBubble, Print All Over Me, and Teespring, allow their users to create unique, tailored tees. In order to create a custom tee, users are given a blank white t-shirt. They can then choose the color, artwork, and wording for the shirt.


CafePress is another site that manufactures and ships custom tees. The only requirement is that you have a PayPal account. After that, you can create an online shop for your custom tees. Upload your own personal artwork, add your favorite brands, and organize your clothes in whatever way you want.


Redbubble carries a variety of t-shirts including video game tees, hoodies, and leggings. Many of these t-shirt designs are designed by independent artists, which makes them unique and fun. They also have original hoodies, wall art, and phone cases.


Teespring also offers a catalog of pre-designed t-shirts. Users can upload their own artwork and drag it anywhere on the shirt they want. Teespring also lets users choose their price for the shirts. This makes it possible for people to sell their designs and earn money through custom t-shirts.


Sites that offer holiday tees


Holiday tees are the perfect way to dress up for the holiday season. These t-shirts can be themed to represent your favorite character, brand, or pop-culture reference. There are also plenty of different styles to choose from. You'll have no problem finding a t-shirt that suits your style and your budget.


Cafe Press sells holiday tees designed by artists. The artists receive a tiny royalty from their sales, so you're actually helping starving artists by purchasing these shirts. However, you may have to pay more if you want a large quantity of shirts. In addition, shipping charges will increase as you buy more items.

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