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Dye Sublimation Shirts

Dye Sublimation Shirts

With dye-sublimation technology, you can create full-color dye sublimation shirts. This process is also known as sublimation printing, and you can use a large heat press to achieve the full-color look that you're after. It's a great way to add a personal touch to your t-shirts without the need to invest in expensive print media. Custom Dye Sublimation Shirts

AA Custom T-Shirt Printing

When you want to print a graphic on a custom t-shirt, dye sublimation is an excellent choice. Dye sublimation printing uses inks that are virtually transparent, eliminating all other color in the substrate. This printing technique works best on polyester and polymer-coated t-shirts. This method of printing is not recommended for cotton shirts, however. If you choose to use a cotton blend, you may get a faded look to the graphics. In order to avoid this, you will want to choose a garment made of 100% polyester.

This method is ideal for short run printing, but it can be costly if you need to print a large quantity. Sublimation printing works best on garments with detailed multi-color designs or those that change frequently. Another benefit of sublimation printing is that you can use any color or any number of colors you want. Sublimation printing is also an excellent choice for adding photo-realistic images to garments. Dye Sub Shirts

Screen printing is another excellent choice for custom t-shirt printing. Usually, a screen printer is more cost-effective, but can be problematic for large-scale production. Screen printing is a viable option for printing on fabrics that are not suitable for dye sublimation. It can also work on materials that are difficult to print on. Dye Sublimation T Shirt Printing

If you have a large design that will require multiple colors, dye sublimation is the best choice. The process embeds the color into the fabric, which makes it soft and durable. Furthermore, dye sublimation also eliminates the possibility of vinyl cracking. It also guarantees vivid and breathable design.

Because sublimation printing is so fast and easy, you can easily order large quantities of custom t-shirts at the same time. The cost of a single order is the same as that for many shirts. Moreover, sublimation printing works well for designs with complex colors and patterns that other printing methods might be unable to handle. The printing is also more durable than other methods, so it will last longer. It will also retain the soft feel of the original material. Sub Shirt

Unlike screen printing, dye sublimation uses dye rather than ink. This method is an ideal option for full-colour graphics, and is particularly suitable for synthetic fabrics. The process involves the transfer of the dye to the fabric, without the use of any chemicals or solvents. In addition to providing an extremely vibrant image, dye sublimation allows for a wide range of colourations.

This printing process is ideal for small and medium-size businesses that need many t-shirts. With its automatic screen-printing presses, AA Custom T-Shirt Printing can produce up to 20,000 t-shirts per day. However, if you need large-scale custom t-shirt printing, you may want to use a different method.

Direct-to-garment printing is another option. This method is ideal for a specific project, but printing in large quantities can be expensive, time-consuming, and tedious. It is also not recommended for non-cotton fabrics. Dye sublimation is a more advanced digital printing technique that is rapidly becoming the industry standard for apparel design and signage.

Sublimation dye printing works on polyester-based materials. Unlike inkjet printing, dye-sublimation ink is a gas that permeates polyester fibers and plastic materials. It also allows for vivid colors and patterns. The process also makes it possible to wash the garment without affecting its quality.

The process uses heat to turn ink into gas and then infuses it into the fibers of clothing. Because the heat generated by the sublimation process affects cotton fibers, the ink cannot fully absorb the fibers. This method can also work on mini mesh and microfiber eyelets.

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