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Fin Print Shirts

Fin Print Shirts


Fin print shirts have a variety of unique features. One of these features is the design. These shirts are a combination of recycled polyester and superfine microfiber yarn.

They are made to be soft and comfortable. The design is by Morgan Anderson and is featured on these shirts. These shirts are also made of 50% poly, 25% Airlume combed cotton, and 25% rayon.


Fabrics: 100% Recycled Polyester interlock superfine microfiber yarn with PLAY DRY(r)


Fabrics made from this fabric have a smooth, even finish. Made from polyester, it is extremely durable and easy to clean. It is available in two different weights. All-weather microfiber fabric is made of polyester and fine poly thread with a suede finish.


Its production starts with waste fiber that has been recycled. It is then transported to a family-owned factory in Bogota, Colombia, where the fabric is digitally printed. The fabric is then produced in small batches. The fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified.


This fabric is designed with two layers for added durability and comfort. Its base layer is soft and wicking. It also uses less water than other materials. The softness of this fabric is further enhanced with Low Impact Technology.


The production of polyester uses 125 MJ of energy per kilogram. It also produces 14.2 kg of CO2. In 2015, the polyester for clothing production industry caused 282 billion pounds of CO2 emissions, which is three times that of cotton.


Polyester is a versatile material that is easily textured and modified. For instance, COOLMAX is a lightweight hydrophilic polyester with four wicking channels. It keeps the wearer cool while keeping them warm.

Most popular sportswear brands now use recycled polyester. Because of its high durability and breathability, polyester is an excellent choice for everyday wear.


Recycled polyester is also a good option for the environment. Since it is made from plastic waste, recycled polyester reduces air pollution. Plus, it's made from recycled water bottles. The material is more sustainable than virgin polyester and is available in many colors and styles.


The fabric's moisture-return value is 0.4%, making it ideal for use in outdoor garments. The fiber is resistant to UV rays and is highly durable. It is easy to mix with other fibers.


Currently, polyester is the most popular fiber used in the textile industry. It is used for a variety of activewear and sportswear, and is also used in blends. These fabrics are softer, stronger, and more versatile than cotton.


The properties of high-performance fabrics are essential for athletic wear. They are lightweight, durable, wick away moisture, and quick to dry. Moreover, they resist odor and dirt, which extends their useful life.


Fabrics made from cotton are popular in normal wear situations, as they are breathable, soft, and nonitchy. They are durable enough to stand repeated washings, but they may lose their effectiveness in windy and cool climates. Cotton is also hypoallergenic and will not irritate your skin.


Design by artist Morgan Anderson


You can now get Fine Print Press t-shirts featuring artwork by artist Morgan Anderson. These shirts feature a unique design on a high-quality tri-blend fabric in oatmeal. They are made of 50% poly, 25% Airlume combed cotton, and 25% rayon. If you're looking for a shirt that will give you a cool look on the beach, then these shirts are a must-have.

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