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Gone Fishing Graphic T-Shirt

The EB Gone Fishing Graphic T-Shirt is a comfortable cotton blend t-shirt that features a unique outdoor graphic. The models in the image below are approximately 6'0" to 6'2 inches tall and wear size M/32x32. You'll love the Slate blue color and cotton/polyester blend for a cool, comfortable fit.


Cotton/polyester blend


If you're looking for a new fishing shirt, look no further than the Gone Fishing T-shirt, a 65/35 cotton/polyester blend that has a modern, contoured comfort fit. Perfect for wearing on the water or by the campfire, this shirt will keep you cool and comfortable. The shirt features a cool LOOP artwork and will keep you looking sharp on and off the water.


Contoured comfort fit


Get the look you want for less with a Gone Fishing T-shirt. This slate blue cotton/polyester blend shirt is contoured for a comfy fit. Cool original LOOP artwork makes this a versatile, comfortable shirt. It is made for active wear and features a twill taped shoulder.

 This t-shirt is available in a variety of colorways and offers great breathability. It is also made with a moisture-wicking fabric and is available in XS through XL sizes. The t-shirt is a great choice for fishing or hiking because of its comfort and classic look.


Slate blue color


This cool slate blue color gone fishing t-shirt is made of a cotton/polyester blend and contoured comfort fit. It features original LOOP artwork. It is also available in toddler sizes. This t-shirt has a lifetime warranty and is made with recycled material.


How to Find a Good Fishing T Shirt


The cost of a fishing outfit is dependent on many aspects, including the price of the shirt as well as the buyer's perception of what is acceptable. To select the appropriate shirt, consumers should ask a few inquiries regarding the reason why certain shirts are more expensive than others. This will help them choose one that is appropriate for their requirements.




The fabric used in a fishing t-shirt must be durable and comfortable. There are many kinds of fabrics that you can choose from. For example a polyester fishing t-shirt could have a UV protection factor of +30 or +60. But, it must be remembered that all of these types of fabrics do not have the same UV protection.

 The fabric should be breathable and wick away moisture to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. It should be made of high-quality materials to ensure that the angler stays dry. A fishing t shirt made from polyester is a good option as it is lightweight and allows the shirt to dry quickly. However, you must remember that different weather conditions affect the life of fishing attire, and constant moisture and strenuous movement will decrease the life of your fishing t-shirt.

 A top-quality fishing shirt is not just more durable than a cotton tee but it will also resist staining and will last longer than a cotton t-shirt. High-quality polyester is also more durable and will withstand dirt, dribe, and even fish guts. It is also more breathable than cotton which lets you remain cool and comfortable.

 It is also important to consider the type of printing that you can put on your fishing shirts. Sublimation printing or screen-printing are two types of printing that can have a significant impact.




There are a variety of options for creating your own fishing t-shirt. Online templates can be personalized with your own personal message or fishing image. Custom fishing shirts are also an ideal gift for fishing enthusiasts and can help build a buzz about your fishing event, as well as promote competition. They're also a great opportunity for people to share photos of your event on social media.

 It is easy to select the design after you have identified your target market and the message that you want to communicate. There are a wide range of designs, from t-shirts to tank tops. You can customize the text on the T-shirt using different fonts and colors. Some designs are embellished, which makes them excellent gifts for a fisherman.




Fishing t-shirts can range in price depending on the materials they're made from. Those made from high-quality fabric that is breathable will cost more than cheaper alternatives. The higher-end brands offer more options, including custom-designed graphics. You can also pick different designs and colors.

 T-shirts with a fishing theme are usually created by artists who are independent. They come in a variety of sizes and are made of different materials. They're also available with different styles, including v-neck, crew neck long-sleeved baseball sleeves, and slim fitting.




You will need to choose the right size shirt for you if you love fishing. You must consider your chest size and your waist size when shopping for a fishing t-shirt.

The length of the shirt is also important. The length of your sleeve should be at minimum 1/4 inch less than the length of your arms. It should also be comfortable and well-fitting.




A fishing shirt is a light comfortable piece of clothing. It comes in many styles and fits both genders, women's and males. It is made from an extremely durable and breathable material. In contrast to other kinds of clothing fishing shirts do not adhere to your body and will remain in place no matter what.

 There are numerous options for colors and some of the most popular designs are available at many specialty stores. If you're looking for a simple white shirt or a fisherman's shirt with bold colors you'll find what you're looking for. Pick the color that fits best with your body type. For instance, a t-shirt in black might be too bold for your tastes.

 A fly-fishing Tshirt that has an image is a good option. The design is often humorous, and can be used to break the ice when you meet fellow fly-fishers. A fishing t-shirt featuring an image of the trophy fish is ideal to show your passion for fishing. You can also make use of the colors of fishing tshirts to make an impact.

 Your specific needs will dictate the kind of fabric you decide to use to make a fishing t-shirt. Cotton fishing shirts provide good sun protection. A fishing t-shirt made of synthetic materials on the other hand , is more breathable and keeps you cooler.




A top fishing t shirt is functional as well as comfortable, so look for a design that has vents to keep your core cool. The size of the vent depends on your preferences and the climate in which you fish. Also, consider the length of the sleeves. Some shirts have double roll-up collars which are useful for protecting your neck.

 A fishing shirt should be breathable and have UV protection. UV Rays can cause sunburn when you don't wear proper clothing. A fishing shirt must have a UPF rating of 50 or greater. This rating will limit UV radiation to only 2% of your skin.

 A fishing shirt must be stain-resistant. Some are available with stain-resistant coating that is bonded to the fiber. This layer also can reduce the shirt's breathability.

It is important to select the right balance between breathability and stain protection. You can pick a fishing t-shirt that has mesh-lined ventilation when you're seeking a shirt that has an air-tight design.

 A fishing shirt that is ventilated is essential during hot weather. Make sure that the shirt has vents on the arm pits, chest and upper back to keep you comfortable. Also, check for a mesh lining to keep insects out. A long-sleeved top can also reflect the sun's rays and keep you warm during cold winter months.


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