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Name Placement on Back of Shirt

Choosing Name Placement on Back of Shirt


When choosing the placement of a name or logo on the back of a shirt, there are several things to consider. These include full-back placement, back collar placement, and name centering. Using these tips will help you design a shirt with a perfect placement for your name or logo.


Logo placement on the back of a shirt


A shirt's back collar is a prime place for a logo. The average placement of a logo in this space is two to three inches, but you can customize the size to fit your logo or your shirt's shape. This placement works best for small logos and will increase brand awareness. The center of the design should be placed at a distance of six to nine inches from the back edge of the collar.


When placing your logo on the back of a shirt, the width and height should be similar to the width of the shirt. However, the height should not be larger than thirteen inches. This placement is suitable for embroidered logos, and is popular for sports teams. However, it is not recommended for large logos, such as those used for events.


Another common placement for logos is the chest. This placement is more natural for people to look at, since they naturally look for logos on shirts. It should also appear clear and professional. In addition to being easier to read, a logo placed above the pocket will prevent creases from forming.


A back collar print is a trendy alternative. This minimalist design placement can work in combination with more prominent logos on the front and sleeves. It's a great spot for a smaller logo, which can be difficult to fit in the front collar.

When combined with other prominent designs, this placement can make your logo stand out and be a symbol of your brand's values. However, a back collar print should be less detailed than other placements, as most people will view it from behind.


The placement of the logo on the back of a shirt should match the size of the shirt. Its position should be approximately an inch above the hem of the shirt, and it should be 3.5 to four inches wide. You should make sure the font is large enough to make the design appear well.


Embroidery is the most popular way to embroider a logo on a shirt. Embroidered logo designs have the advantage of getting more attention.


Full-back placement


If you'd like your full-back placement of name on shirt to be as prominent as possible, there are a few basic design guidelines you should follow. First, the size of your logo should be the same size as your hand.

A common size for a full-back logo is about 12 inches by 12 inches, but you may want to enlarge or reduce your image size depending on the size of your shirt. For example, a small t-shirt may only need a 10 inch-by-10-inch logo, while an extra large shirt might require a 14-inch-by-14-inch image.


Second, the full-back placement of a name on a shirt is often used in team or event wear. Team or event sponsors often choose this placement for branding purposes. You can also use this style in combination with sleeve and tag prints. But make sure to leave enough space between the two designs.


Lastly, if you are using a large design, a full-back placement is the best choice. Especially for large designs on adult shirts, a full-back design is easier to read than an oversize front design. If you're using a short-sleeved shirt, try placing the design about an inch above the hem. For long-sleeved shirts, try placing a large vertical design that's at least 11 inches tall.


Full-back placement is another popular choice among t-shirt graphic designers. It's flatter than a front placement and covers a wider area, making it a great option for long-term brand marketing. In addition, it also tends to cover the entire back, making it more visible to potential customers.


Centering a name on the back of a shirt


Centering a name on the back of your shirt is a simple process. Unless you're using a large font, you should allow about 2 or 3 inches between the two designs. Using the Back Collar print is a popular option for a company logo.

It's sometimes referred to as the "Yoke" print, which is reminiscent of the back of an old-style cowboy shirt. Usually around two or three inches wide, this location is generally placed about a half-inch from the collar edge.


When placing a name on the back of a t-shirt, consider the size of the shirt. Choose a size that fits the design. Your logo will fit between three and four inches. For a larger logo, center it three to four inches below the collar.


Back collar placement


Back collar placement of a company's name on a shirt is a unique and stylish way to showcase your company logo. This placement is also more minimalist and works well when your shirt design doesn't have a large logo. This is also an excellent choice if your company is attending trade shows or other events where many people might not be able to see your logo. However, there are a few important points to consider before choosing this location for your logo.


First of all, it's important to consider the size of the shirt that will be printed. Generally speaking, the print will be bigger if placed at the back of the shirt. Remember that over-sized areas tend to have a higher risk of sweat spots.

Second, you can choose to use a transparent background for the design, allowing the ink to trace the shape of the design. Ideally, the back collar location of a name on a shirt will be placed at around 1" above the base of the collar.


Third, when choosing a back collar placement for a company's name on a shirt, you should consider how large the print area will be. The back collar placement is typically wider than the front collar, so this is a good option if you want to get your logo on a large shirt. It also tends to cover more of the shirt's width, making it the best place for a logo or company logo.


Finally, the placement of the logo on a shirt is a critical consideration. Screen printers prefer to place their logo at the back of the shirt, between the left and right shoulder seams, but embroider's may want to stay away from this placement. If you have a design that is overly complicated, you will have trouble finding a position for it on the back of the shirt.


While heat printing is a great option for fast customization, it can be difficult to place graphics on the shirt properly. To make it easier, heat press placement guidelines can be downloaded as a handy chart.

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