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Placement of Name on Back of Shirt

Placement of Name on Back of Shirt


There are several different ways to place a name on a shirt, but there are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind when choosing the right location for your design. The full-back placement is a popular choice for t-shirt graphic designers. This placement is flatter and more forgiving than the front, and it can accommodate a larger print area.




Placement of the name on the back of a t-shirt is an alternative to the front collar and is a less prominent location. However, it can be paired with more visible designs on the front or sleeves. This location makes a good signature for your logo and can also communicate your brand values. However, you must make sure that the placement of the name on the back is subtle and unobtrusive because the majority of people will see the name from behind.


The best placement for the name on the back of a shirt is about two inches down from the tip of the "V" on a boy's shirt. For a man's shirt, the top of the name should be at least 2.5 inches down from the tip of the "V." Similarly, the numerals should be aligned so that they are side-by-side. Also, remember to place the numerals in a manner that makes them look centered.


Another popular placement is on the upper back. This position is great for small or medium-sized logos, as it covers the shoulder-blade area. As it covers a wider area, it also offers good visibility. As a result, it is a popular choice for security staff and event organizers.


When choosing the placement of the name on the back of a shirt, keep in mind that placement can impact the size and quality of the shirt. Generally, a large print on the back of a shirt will have a greater impact on how the design will look, especially in screen printing.


Placement of name on the back of a shirt can be tricky, but this is the most popular option for a full-back design. This placement can be up to 14.5" wide and 16" tall. The print on the back of a shirt is usually complemented by other prints. Often, the Full Back print will look better in combination with a print on the Left Chest.


Back collar


Traditionally, the placement of the name on t-shirts is on the front. However, in recent years, there has been a shift to the back. Some t-shirt designers prefer this placement, which is flatter than the front and offers more room for a larger print area.


The back is a great location for a name or logo. It is less visible than the front, and will look more professional and clear.

However, it is important to consider its placement. It should be positioned about an inch from the base of the collar. The name should be small enough to be visible in this location.


While the front placement is more recognizable, the placement of the name on the back is less obvious. Shirts with name and logos on the back can display a design that is three to four inches wide and three inches down from the collar. Moreover, the design can be adjusted to fit the shirt.


Upper back


The upper back of a shirt is an ideal spot for a company's name or logo. This is a medium-sized area that covers the shoulder-blade region and is around 4" below the collar. This placement is most commonly used by companies in the t-shirt industry, as it covers a wider area and is more forgiving than the front. It's also a popular choice among security personnel and event organizers.


The placement of a shirt's design depends on the size and style of the shirt. Screen printers usually prefer this location, while embroiderers may choose a different location. However, there are some common rules to follow. To avoid a misprint, use a guideline that will help you determine where the design will go.


The placement of a company's logo is the most popular option for the upper back. This location is perpendicular to the sleeve and allows the name or logo to stand out. In addition, a tag print will fit well with other designs, such as a full front or a left chest + sleeve combination.


Sleeve placement


Putting a name on the back of a shirt is one of the easiest ways to create an appealing and memorable logo. However, if you want to make it more memorable, you may want to consider different placements.

One of the most popular options is to place the name on the right side of the shirt, with the letters and mascot in the center. The center of the shirt is the most popular location, but you can also opt for the center of the left or right side of the sleeve.


For a left chest location, start measuring from the top seam of the shoulder. Then, measure down four to six inches from that. Now, measure again, this time from 7.5 to nine inches away from the centerline. Then, measure the distance to the new centerline.

Once you have this distance, it's time to measure the width of the design. This is important because a design on a side sleeve must be 3" wide and can't be smaller than one inch wide.


Another popular choice is the upper back. This placement is more forgiving and flatter than the front. It also covers a wider area, which is great for a large name or logo.

It's also a good option for event organizers and security guards. The upper back is a popular choice for employee uniforms.


If you'd like to place your logo on the back, the best place for it is between the left and right shoulder seams, or a little more to the right of the center. This area is ideal for a logo, and has the largest real estate. For this reason, it's the preferred placement for screen printers. However, embroiders may shy away from this option.

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