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Pressure Washing Clothes

How to Protect Yourself When Pressure Washing Clothes


If you own a pressure washer, pressure washing clothes is an excellent way to clean them. This process can remove dirt and stains from outdoor clothing. Regular washing machines are not strong enough to remove these stains.

A pressure washer, on the other hand, will easily remove them. Using a pressure washer is a great way to clean uniforms, especially those used for outdoor sports.




If you're a commercial pressure washer, then you'll need to wear protective clothing. While the type of clothing you choose will depend on the type of job, it's vital to use PVC material to ensure that it won't get soaked. PVC material repels water and is lightweight, which makes it easier to move around and less likely to weigh you down.

Choose a commercial rain jacket made of PVC that's 100% waterproof, but still allows you to move your arms freely. It's also important to get a quality jacket that's made of durable material. One great jacket is the Stormline Crew 211 pressure washing jacket, which has two layers of PVC and is made to handle large amounts of water.


Angle of spray


Angle of spray when pressure washing clothes is critical for the desired end result. Choosing the right spray angle is dependent on the psi rating and the surface's hardness. Start with the tip with the sharpest angle, as it will help you get the best results.

The spray angles of different tips vary, so it is important to start with the sharpest angle tip first, even if you're unsure of the surface's hardness. There's universal color coding for the spray angles of various tips, which will make it easier for you to pick the right one. For example, black tips are 65 degrees, white tips are 40 degrees, green tips are 25 degrees, and yellow tips are 15 degrees.


Before you start pressure washing your clothes, you should soak the surface in detergent. This will help the dirt come off more easily. If the surface is hard to clean, stand at a distance and walk the spray into contact with it.

The spray angle of a 90 degree angle is the best for cleaning tough stains. However, if you are doing a general cleaning, a softer angle is appropriate.


Safety goggles


Pressure washing clothes can be dangerous, and it's important to protect your eyes and body. The spray from a pressure washer can propel debris into the air, which can pierce your skin. To prevent this, make sure to wear safety goggles. You should also wear long pants or gloves to protect your legs from any debris that could pierce them.


Safety goggles are an essential safety item for pressure washing clothes. These goggles protect your face from splattering biological material and can also protect your eyes from harmful liquids. They also offer UV protection. The face shields must meet the ANSI standard Z87.1 to provide maximum protection.


Wearing closed-toed shoes


When pressure washing clothes, it is important to wear closed-toed shoes. Open-toe shoes will not protect your feet from the chemicals used and will be soaked with water and debris. Closed-toe shoes will protect your feet by keeping them dry and protecting the skin. It is also recommended to wear steel toed boots when using pressure washers of 4,000 PSI or higher.


Oxy Solve products


Oxy Solve products for pressure washing clothes should be used sparingly. Applied at a low pressure, the Oxy Solve product can be left on the surface for five minutes, and then rinsed off using a garden hose at high pressure. If the Oxy Solve solution is left on the surface, it could cause the surface to discolor. For this reason, it is important to dilute it with water before applying it to any surface.


Oxy Solve multipurpose cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution that is safe to use on clothes and other surfaces. It is a safe alternative to bleach and is effective at removing stains from clothes. Designed to be applied by hand, this product is safe to use on both outdoor and indoor surfaces. It is also water-safe.

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