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Sleepaway Camp T-Shirt

Sleepaway Camp T-Shirt


This Sleepaway Camp t-shirt is super rare and one of the few that was ever silk-screened. There were only three printed for the 2001 cast reunion, and these shirts are in fantastic condition. The shirt has only been worn a couple of times, so it's a rare find.

The Sleepaway Camp T-Shirt is a popular cult favorite from the 1980s. It features the logo of Camp Arawak and tells the story of a girl whose name is Angela Baker. She was able survive an accident with a motorboat, and now lives with Ricky her cousin and Dr. Martha Thomas, her aunt. But she is also the target of ridicule and bullying because of her extreme shyness.


Replica of the ones worn by kids and counselors in the movie


Replica of the ones worn by kids, counselors, and other campers in the Sleepaway Camp movie are available for purchase. The movie was made with a $350,000 budget and was shot on location in Argyle, New York. Director Robert Hiltzik was a former camper. During the filming, the movie was already three weeks behind schedule.


Safety guidelines


Whether you are at camp for a few days or for an entire summer, you'll want to know the guidelines for staying safe. The CDC and the Ohio Department of Health recommend that campers stay six feet or more from each other. It's also important to be courteous and respectful. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in being dismissed from camp.




Sleepaway Camp t-shirts are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose from v-neck, crew neck, short sleeve, and long sleeve designs. You can also choose a slim or classic fit. You can also choose between lightweight and heavy fabric weight t-shirts. Some styles are also available in moisture-wicking materials.




The Sleepaway Camp T-Shirt comes with a variety of designs. The t-shirts are designed by independent artists and are sold in men's and women's sizes. They come in various styles, including crew neck, v-neck, short and long sleeve, and slim and regular fit. They also come in a range of fabric weights, from light to heavy. The t-shirts are available in classic white or black, and are made of moisture-wicking material.


Men's Sleepaway T-shirt for Camp


You can find Sleepaway Camp t-shirts in a variety of styles and colors. They are created by independent artists and are available in sizes XS through 5XL. They are available in a variety of fabrics and styles, including slim and heavy. You can also choose from active t-shirts that are water-wicking, in addition classic black and white.


T-Shirt for Women Sleepaway Camp T Shirt


If you're seeking a fashionable and comfortable T-shirt, look no further than our selection of Women's Sleepaway Camp T-Shirts. These t-shirts are designed by independent artists and are available in a broad variety of sizes, from XS to XXL. They also come with different styles and necklines, like crew and v-necks, short sleeves and slim-fit. They are available in classic white or black shades.


T-Shirts for Kids at Sleepaway Camp


The SLEEPAWAY CAMP collection is the perfect shirt for children who are looking for a sleepaway camp shirt. This collection includes designs from independent artists and is available in a variety sizes and colors. You can choose between the v-neck or crew neck style. These comfortable shirts come in slim medium, heavy, and slim fabric weights. The colors vary from classic white to black.


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