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Sleeve Logo Placement

Sleeve Logo Placement


If you are a sponsor of an event, you'll want to consider sleeve logo placement. There are several ways you can go about this. For example, you can place a large logo on the top of the shirt, and then place smaller logos below it. Your Art Dept can also help you arrange the logos into tiered groups.


Embroidery placement


Choosing the right spot for your logo embroidery is crucial to creating a consistent stitching pattern, and a good-looking finished product. For instance, while sewing over the seam of a jean jacket is okay, a t-shirt is not a good idea if you want the insignia to look neat. The placement should also take into account how the garment will be worn. For example, a 20-inch-wide logo will not fit properly on the back of a shirt, and it will look too large on the side.


When it comes to sleeve logo embroidery placement, there are many options. On a short sleeve sports shirt, the logo can be placed above the cuff. However, on a long-sleeved shirt, the placement should be on the left sleeve. This way, the design can be read from front to back.


If you're using continuous embroidery, make sure to preview your designs on fabric before stitching. You can make use of templates in an embroidery editing software to preview your designs and to test the placement.

Alternatively, you can use adhesive-backed Target Paper. This type of paper is ideal for auditioning embroidery. It is also great for placement practice.


When placing your logo on a cuff, remember to consider the placement of your logo in relation to the buttons and eyelets. Don't put your logo on the pocket as that will make it unusable.

Direct embroidery also allows you to choose four different fonts, each with a different size. The fonts are typically used for names, titles, and accredits. You can even choose between different fonts if you want to make your logo more legible.


Another popular location for a logo is on a sleeve. Since sleeve logo embroidery uses circular hoops, a logo placed on a sleeve will generally be under 12,500 stitches in size. A square design, on the other hand, will require a smaller size.


In order to properly place the design on your sleeve, you must first create a placement guide. This is a thin outline of the item that will help you align the design. You can also use a temporary spray adhesive or sticky stabilizer to hold the item in place while the embroidery is taking place.


Another way to find the best placement for your embroidery design is to measure your clothing. Typically, you'll need to measure the shoulder to shoulder, the top edge to the bottom edge, and the top seam to the bottom edge of the shirt. Once you have your measurements, you'll know where to place the design.


T-shirt placement


When designing a T-shirt, the placement of your logo is an important consideration. The size and shape of your graphic logo, as well as the style of the shirt, will all influence where to place it. However, there are some general guidelines that will help you choose the best placement. For example, if you want to use a sleeveless design, place the sleeveless logo in the left or right front chest area.


If you're placing a logo on the sleeve, it's crucial to remember that placement is not an exact science. Even a 1/4" difference won't be noticeable once worn. Most people do not measure the placement of their prints, so they're left to guess. Fortunately, Logo Anything has a free ebook to help you choose the best placement.


The classic choice for logo placement is the left chest. This position is best suited for a logo that fits comfortably and can be seen well from a distance. This location is typically three to four inches wide and sits just below the collar. However, this placement isn't the best choice for complex or colorful logos.


Another common placement for a logo is at the top of a sleeve. Most logos are long and thin, and they consist of a mascot or some type of text. The logo should be at least three to four inches wide. It is important to remember that the placement of the logo on the sleeve can be altered to fit the design of the T-shirt.


While the left chest is the most common location for a logo, the upper back is a versatile option. This placement is around 4" below the collar and shoulder blade area. This placement is often favored by event organizers and security staff because of its eye-level placement. Besides, it can cover a wider area of the t-shirt and ensure maximum visibility.


Another option is to print the logo on the back of the shirt. This placement can be paired with a bolder design on the front or sleeves. This placement is very effective for smaller logos. It can also let the community know about your organization and its values.

It's also important to keep in mind that the majority of people will be viewing the shirt from behind.


Generally speaking, the best placement of a logo on a T-shirt depends on its size. It's important to keep in mind that an oversized logo can look overbearing and feel crunchy. The same goes for an oversized front, although this method is usually reserved for a limited number of special cases.


Besides the front and the back, there are a few other important spots on the t-shirt that should be considered for your logo. In front, the logo should be centered between the shoulder seams, and should be about 4"-6" below the neck collar line. For kids apparel, however, the design needs to be aligned in the center between the left and right seams.


Sweatshirt placement


Aside from the traditional front and back location, there are also several alternative options for logo placement. One popular option is to place the logo on the back collar. This is an often-understated, minimalist design that pairs well with more pronounced designs on the front and sleeves.

Using this placement allows you to use your brand's logo as a signature feature that represents the brand's values. However, to be effective in this location, your logo must be seamless and easy to read. It should also be less detailed, since most people will only see the logo from behind.


To place your logo on a sweatshirt, make sure it's 3" to 4" wide and sits at about three inches from the neck. This allows the logo to adjust to the size of the shirt. Another option is to place it on the left side of the shirt. While the left side of the shirt is often more convenient, it sacrifices image detail.

If you'd like to place your logo on the left side of the shirt, make sure the design is not too detailed. If the logo is too complex, consider asking your Art Department to simplify it.


In general, the most common location for a sweatshirt logo is the left chest. This is due to the fact that the original handshake covered up the right chest area. However, there are other options, such as placing the logo 4" to six inches to the right of the center. Aside from these options, you should also be sure to consider how big the design is.

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