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Sublimated T Shirts

Sublimated T Shirts

Sublimated t shirts are polyester shirts with a unique printing process. Images or text are printed on a reversed transfer paper, which is then heated and pressed onto the shirt. This heat press converts the medium on the paper into a gas that permanently dyes the polyester fibers. Although all sublimated t shirts are partly polyester, the best results come from a shirt with 100% polyester content.

Dye sublimation t shirts

Dye sublimation t shirts can be printed with almost any type of graphic file, allowing you to get a wide variety of designs and images for your t-shirt. In contrast to traditional screen printing, dye sublimation works with an image's quality and does not require color separation. Because it works with the image's resolution, low-resolution images will appear pixelated when enlarged. Vector images are more clear and can be scaled to any size without losing clarity.

Dye sublimation is especially popular for short-run orders. The process embeds dye into polymeric material, allowing you to create permanent prints. Another benefit of dye sublimation is its affordability. Since it's not an expensive process, even small-scale orders can benefit from custom clothing.

Another advantage of dye sublimation t shirts is that they are perfect for all-over printing. Unlike traditional printing methods, this technique allows you to get graphics that are impossible to produce by other methods. Unlike traditional heat transfer vinyl, the dye used in dye sublimation t-shirts doesn't fade or crack over time.

Dye sublimation shirts are superior to silkscreen t-shirts in terms of color and clarity. The graphics remain clear and vibrant for years to come. In addition, they don't feel as heavy as silkscreen shirts. You'll be able to feel the difference in the quality.

The process also enhances the t-shirt's softness. As the name suggests, Dye Sub Process involves the use of specially formulated dyes and a special ink jet printer. The result is full-colour designs, which are 100% colour fast. This method allows you to get a full-color design with a high-resolution, even on white polyester.

Due to its benefits, dye sublimation printing is the preferred choice for printing on polyester garments. The process is less costly than screen printing, and is ideal for low-volume projects. It also provides unlimited colour choices. It's ideal for customised T-shirts and is often the preferred choice for those who want a low-volume garment.

One drawback of dye sublimation printing is that the ink used to create your design is not entirely consistent. This is an important factor to consider before printing your design. For best results, you should consider choosing a design with multiple colors instead of a single solid color.


Printed sublimated shirts are some of the most durable items that you can buy. Unlike printed shirts, the design isn't printed on top of the shirt; it's permanently dyed into the threads of the shirt. This means that your design won't fade away like a regular print, even if you wash it a lot.

Sublimation is an advanced method of shirt printing and requires special equipment. It uses dyes, transfer paper, and heat to make the design permanent. As the dyes bond with the polyester fibers, the finished design becomes a permanent part of the fabric. It's important to note that not all shirts are compatible with sublimation, however, and that different types will require different temperatures and pressing time.

Sublimation printing can also produce designs with extremely high resolutions. However, this process won't work well on textured or poorly-printed graphics. To get the best results, choose a high-quality sublimation printer with a high resolution. The sublimation printer will also give you crisp, high-resolution prints with a wide color palette.

Sublimation printing uses special dyes on a special transfer paper. A heat press is then used to seal the design onto the fabric. During the process, the sublimation dyes undergo an interesting chemical reaction. They become gasified, and these gasified dye particles enter the fibers of the fabric. The immense heat makes the pores in the fabric open, but they re-seal once the garment is cooled.

Sublimated t-shirts have several advantages over screen printed t-shirts. For one, they're more durable and can withstand longer wear. Sublimation-printed polyester shirts are often more affordable. They cost $7 to $8 per shirt, depending on the substrate used and the size of the order. Screen printed t-shirts aren't competitive.

Polyester and blend fabrics work best for sublimation. A polyester blend that has a minimum of 65 percent polyester will hold the dye better and make the print last longer.


When it comes to the cost of sublimated t shirts, there are many variables that will determine the final price. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you place an order. There are several ways to get a cheap sublimation job, including using online resources, bulk ordering, and negotiating with a printer.

The first thing to keep in mind is quality. Sublimation shirts are often the highest quality shirts available. Since they are sublimated into the fabric, they will not peel, crack, or fade. Moreover, the design will cover every square inch of the garment. Sublimated t shirts are considered to be the best value for your money, since you will not have to compromise quality.

Sublimated t shirts are generally more expensive than screen-printed t-shirts, but the quality is far superior. Screen-printed t-shirts will begin to crack after a few washings. Meanwhile, sublimated polyester t-shirts will still look like new even after many years of wear. In addition, sublimated t-shirts have a higher return on investment (ROI) compared to screen-printed t-shirts, which means they are a better investment for your money.

The process of sublimating a design onto a shirt involves a chemical bonding process. This bonding process bonds the dye particles to the fabric fibers. Other methods of design printing place a design on the surface of the shirt, which will likely crack or fade over time. Because of this chemical bonding process, 100% polyester shirts are the best option for sublimation printing.

The cost of sublimated t shirts depends on the complexity of the design and the number of colors that are being used. For example, an all-over design will cost approximately $28 per shirt. You should compare the prices from different companies to find the best price for your project.

Sublimation t shirts are lightweight and breathable. They are also designed to allow the wearer to move freely while remaining comfortable. This makes sublimation t shirts ideal for any recreational or athletic team.


If you're looking to purchase a sublimated t-shirt, you'll want to know how durable the print will be. The sublimation process uses special inks to print on blank garments. After printing the design onto the garment, it's heated up. The heat causes the sub ink to turn into a gas that is thin enough to penetrate the t-shirt's individual threads. Once it cools, the ink solidifies and becomes permanent.

Shirts printed using sublimation can be quite durable, but some shirts are better than others. Dark-colored shirts are more difficult to print on, but there are workarounds. Typically, sublimation works best on white or light-colored polyester fabrics. However, it cannot be used on cotton and other fabrics that don't have a polymer coating.

To increase durability, choose a tri-blend fabric instead. This material is a blend of three different types of fibers - cotton, polyester, and rayon. This blend makes the fabric softer and has less stretch. It is also cheaper than other materials. If you want to buy a quality t-shirt, consider investing in tri-blend fabric.

Choosing the right dye for sublimation is vital to the success of the project. Ink sublimation works best on fabrics that contain at least 65% polyester. The lower the polyester content, the less vibrant the colours will be. You should also choose a garment that is light-colored.

As with any printing process, durability is of utmost importance. Without proper care, sublimation print designs can fade and crack. If you want a lasting product, make sure you choose polyester t-shirts that have a high polymer content. These shirts are highly durable and won't deteriorate over time.

Another key to durability is the quality of the sublimation ink. Traditionally, sublimation printing has resulted in patchy prints, but new technologies have made it possible to create long-lasting print quality. Today, most sublimation inks are guaranteed to last for at least three years.

Another factor that determines the quality of a sublimated t-shirt is the type of heat transfer paper used to print on the fabric. Compared to heat transfer paper, sublimation produces more vivid and crisp prints. Heat transfer paper will become faded or crack over time and is not as durable.

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