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Dye Sub Shirts

Dye Sub Shirts

Dye sub shirts are unique garments that have been printed with sublimation ink. Each shirt is printed separately, and then the sublimation print is transferred to the shirt by means of a pressing process. The pressing process forces the shirts to lie flat. The final result is a shirt that is completely unique.

Logo Infusion

Founded in 2011, Logo Infusion is a company that designs, manufactures, and markets dye sublimated apparel. The company has been a sponsor of Team USA and the official staff jersey of the USBC. It also supplies uniforms for the Junior Gold Championships and has a registered product line with the PWBA. The company is the exclusive provider of bowling uniforms for the youth staff of the IBC Youth and other USA Bowling events.

In addition to shirts, Logo Infusion manufactures compression sleeves, bowling shoe bags, custom bikinis, and more. Additionally, they also make printed microfiber towels and mouse pads. You can find a wide selection of Logo Infusion products on Amazon. These include men's t-shirts, bowling shirts, and athletic shirts.

AA Custom T-Shirt Printing

When you need custom apparel printed fast, AA Custom T-Shirt Printing is the place to turn. Not only do they offer dye sub shirts, but they also offer other types of apparel customization, such as bags, aprons, face masks, windbreakers, and corporate uniforms. You can choose from a variety of printing methods and even get your order printed the same day.

The dye-sublimation process requires a special type of ink that bonds to polyester fabric. This type of ink is not available with screen printing or traditional t-shirt printing. This type of ink is perfect for printing light colors on dark garments.

To print dye sub shirts, you'll need a heat press. These heat presses can vary in size and purpose, but they all work in the same basic way. First, a heat press applies heat to the transfer paper. Once this is complete, the heat transfers the ink from the transfer paper to the fabric. The result is a permanent graphic on the T-shirt.

While dye sublimation can work well on many fabrics, it isn't the right choice for all printing projects. Polyester and polymer-coated shirts are ideal for dye sublimation, but some types of shirts won't be compatible with the process. Also, the color of the fabric can affect the color of the imprint. Darker fabric and designs will not look as vibrant with dye sublimation. Also, white sections of your design will end up being the same color as the fabric. To counteract this, choose a white or light garment.

Another difference between dye sublimation and screen printing is the method of printing. The former uses a special printer, which is heated to transfer the ink to the fabric. Screen printing, on the other hand, requires a stencil and fine mesh screen. Screen printing can be done by hand or by an automated machine. The choice depends on your requirements and your budget.

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