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Golf T Shirt

Choosing the Right Golf T Shirt

If you're shopping for a new golf t shirt, you'll have a number of choices. From Regular fit to UV-shielding fabric, to Cotton vs. polyester, you'll want to be sure to check out our guide to choosing the right shirt for you.

Regular fit

A regular fit golf shirt is a standard fit shirt that offers a relaxed silhouette and full range of motion. It also allows golfers to make smooth swings. These shirts are made of a wide range of fabrics, including cotton and synthetic materials. A regular fit pullover shirt usually has longer sleeves and a fuller body than athletic fit shirts. Its waist is not tapered, but extends straight down from under the armpits.

The shoulders are also an important part of a golf shirt's fit. The shoulder seam should sit at the shoulder bone, while the sleeve should be fitted but not too tight. The sleeve length should fall somewhere around the biceps. This is important because a golfer wants their arm and shoulder to move freely, especially when swinging their clubs.

Regular fit golf shirts come in a variety of styles, but there are several common characteristics that you should look for when buying a shirt. For example, a shirt might feature a placket, which is a vertical piece of fabric that influences the fit of the shirt. Other distinguishing features of a regular fit golf shirt are its sleeve length and the cuffs. The cuffs may be fitted or loose, depending on the shirt's style.

UV-shielding fabric

When selecting a golf shirt, make sure the fabric has a UPF rating of at least 50. This will protect you from nearly 98% of harmful UV radiation. Choosing the right type of golf shirt is essential for the safety of you and your loved ones. The higher the UPF, the better. However, this additional protection will cost you more money. Cheaper options may only have a UV-shielding fabric sprayed on them.

In addition, it should be breathable. While you're playing golf, you need to avoid overheating and sweating profusely. This can ruin your game. The fabric in your golf shirt is also important because it can affect your swing. You need to look for a golf shirt that offers a stretchable material that can accommodate your movements.

When choosing a golf shirt, look for a UPF 50 or higher rating. The higher the UPF, the more protection it offers from harmful UV rays. UPF 50+ fabric offers protection against 99% of UVA and 95% of UVB rays.

Some of the latest golf t shirts have UV-shielding fabric. This material feels similar to activewear and is made from recycled polyesters. These types of shirts are typically made from a tighter weave and have a higher thread count than cotton.

Cotton vs. polyester

If you're looking for the best golf t-shirt, you need to consider the material you choose. A 100-percent cotton t-shirt is more breathable than a polyester one, but a polyester-and-cotton blend can be warmer and still remain comfortable. However, not all activities take place in warm climates, so it might be best to choose a 50/50 blend. This combination of fabrics offers some of the advantages of 100% cotton, but can also be more affordable.

Cotton is a classic material that is comfortable and breathable. However, it's not a good choice for warm weather golf clothes because it doesn't dry quickly and doesn't wick moisture. Cotton also won't dry as quickly as polyester, so you'll likely be sweating more during a round of golf.

Polyester is more comfortable than cotton and has an almost silky feel. This material holds dye very well and doesn't fade easily. However, it's not as breathable as cotton, so it can feel clammy in warmer weather. Despite its superior properties, however, polyester can also irritate skin. It's best to use polyester in a blend with other materials to reduce the chances of irritation.

When choosing a golf shirt, you should choose the material that is most comfortable for you. Cotton is generally more breathable than polyester, and is more affordable. But, it can also shrink when washed at high temperatures. To prevent this, you should wash it in cold water without too much detergent, and you should make sure to dry it on a delicate cycle. Polyester is made from man-made materials and is a more durable alternative. It was first invented in 1941, but is still relatively new in the apparel industry. Nevertheless, it is very popular and valued by many.


The yoke on a golf shirt is the back panel that runs across the shoulders and is integral to how the shirt fits through the back. The placket, or vertical strip with folds on either side, is another important detail of a golf shirt. Most golf polos are short sleeved, though some have long sleeves. A well-fitting shirt will be tighter at the side seams and look neater.

To buy the Yoke on a golf shirt, you need to find a reliable site online. Desertcart is the best option for online shopping because they offer the largest range of products and deliver them worldwide in the shortest possible time. This online store uses a HTTPS system to protect the information of their customers.

Breast pocket

The breast pocket is a traditional feature of golf shirts. It's usually found on the left chest. This placement was originally intended for sports, as having something in the pocket would not affect the swing of a golf club or mallet. However, more recent golf shirts are beginning to stray from this traditional placement.


If you want to buy a quality golf shirt at an affordable price, you have several options. One of the best options is to purchase one from a well-known brand. PUMA, for example, is a popular brand when it comes to golf apparel. Their designs and materials are known for their high quality and comfort.

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