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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween - And Don't Forget the Candy!

There are numerous ways to say "happy Halloween" on the 31st of October, but what are you supposed to say to your family, friends, and coworkers? I'll explain what to say in this article and you'll be ready for the day! Here's everything you should be aware of about Halloween, and how to celebrate All Hallows Day . Don't forget to bring the candy! Here are a few more details about Halloween and the candy.

All Hallows Eve

If you're a Christian, then you will likely be celebrating the Feast of All Souls on October. 31. According to Christian tradition, All Hallows Eve is the very first day of the Hallowtide season. It also includes the celebrations for All Saints (and All Souls) and All Saints (and all the rest of the feasts). Here are some rituals to celebrate the holiday:

Samhain was a Celtic harvest festival was the first celebration to commemorate the start of this day. Later it was Christianized. Today, Christians honor saints and pray for the souls of those who aren't yet in heaven. Halloween costumes date back to ancient Samhain celebrations. To honor the dead, Druids dressed in animal head costumes. The Celtic festival of Samhain also marked the end of summer and the beginning of the dark portion of the year.

The roots of Halloween go back to the earliest Celtic customs. Samhain was a festival that marked the end of summer and the start of winter. It was celebrated by Celtic people living in northern France and Ireland prior to the Christian period. The festival is associated with darkness, death and was associated with the Christian era. On this night prior to the "New Year", the boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds were blurred, and ghosts were believed to come back to haunt the living.

Halloween traditions include dressing in costumes and attending parties, in which guests take part in games. Trick or treat games include "snap apple," which involves eating a piece from an apple tied with string. Another tradition involves knock-a-dolly, which is where children knock on neighbor's doors, and then run away until they are able to answer. Traditionally, Irish families eat a Barnbrack-style fruitcake, as well as other snacks on this day.

The Samhain origins are not well-known. The festival was added by Celtic people from southwest Scotland and modern-day Ireland, who added a macabre component. These two countries are located 12 degrees north of Lehigh Valley. They have longer nights than Lehigh Valley which makes it possible for spirits to roam the earth. In the end, Halloween is a major celebration in the Christian calendar. It is important to be a memorial to the dead on this day and to remember their sacrifices to the faith.


Halloween is a secular celebration that has its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain or sow-in. Celts in what is now Ireland, Northern England, and France celebrated Samhain in the evening prior to November 1st, when the boundary between worlds was blurred. The Celts believed that spirits of the dead would return to this night and roam the earth. To stay away from ghosts, the Celts would create bonfires and force people to wear costumes.

Halloween was a very popular secular holiday in America during the early 1900s. As more immigrants from Ireland arrived in America, the popularity of Halloween grew. This included a large Irish population. In the late 1930s, Halloween celebrations had become the most popular method to celebrate the holiday, with an emphasis on the seasonal food games, fun, and festive costumes. Halloween parties were no more held in town civic centres in the 1950s. Instead they were held in homes or classrooms.

"Happy Halloween" is a simple phrase that wishes anyone a happy Halloween. There are other phrases that could be used to express the same idea, however, the "Halloween" phrase is a favorite for many years. The 1978 film "Halloween", which was released in 1978, is one of the most popular and well-known films. It features Nick Castle, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Donald Pleasance. It's not an original concept, but it has gained a huge fan base among gamers.

Since the time of the ancient Celtic festival Samhain (where people lit bonfires to repel ghosts) Halloween has been celebrated in America every year on the 31st of October. Later, Pope Gregory III declared November 1 All Saints Day. This included Samhain customs. Halloween is still associated with trick or treat, carving pumpkins, family gatherings, and even Halloween itself. In some places, Halloween is an unofficial holiday.

Halloween's roots go back to the 7th Century. It was originally a Danish event that became a 10-day holiday. It is a celebration of the dead, and has an original meaning. In the beginning, it was an all-day affair, but the Roman Catholic Church moved it to November 1 in order to coincide with All Saints' Day. Today however, the holiday is mostly secular, however it is still a popular holiday in many different religions and cultures.


If you're single this Halloween, you can dress up as a scary character and save yourself a significant amount of money. There are a variety of fun costumes online and not have to create the same costume as everyone else. You can also dress as a Tinder profile or Red Flag. If you're seeking a costume that is scary, think about taking on the role of John Snow White. This costume is the perfect combination of the well-known Disney character and the legendary Disney villain. All you need is the white dress in the snow and a black cape and some makeup.

You can also dress as zombies! This costume is simple to make. All you require is a white shirt as well as some fabric, and fake blood. You can also make use of cocoa or mud to make an unnatural look. You can also use fake blood to make your face look scarred. To finish it off you can also apply fabric markers to add fake blood to your face. To complete your look, make sure you add a picture frame.

Another great group costume idea is the Morton Salt girl. The iconic costume is instantly recognizable. Rice Krispies elves work well for groups. If you're a young person you can dress up in your favorite store product. If you'd like to become an actor, you can dress up as Michael Myers! The possibilities are endless! You'll have a blast at the party if wear a costume that makes you feel happy.

You can also make an original Halloween costume. You can also make your own Bob Ross costume if you are creative. For a detailed tutorial, visit the Do It Yourself Divas blog. Sugar Bee Crafts offers a Clueless Gang costume, and Lombard and Fifth offer a M&M Pack costume. You can purchase it on the internet or make your own. Make sure you take photos with your family and friends to share them with your friends.


You should limit the amount of sugar your child consumes in the event that they indulge in Halloween candy. The ideal is to have children eat candy within an hour after eating an meal, since saliva production is high. Drinking plenty of water is another great idea and it's best to limit sugary snacks to once a day, not every day. Children should consume a healthy diet prior to Halloween. In addition, they should increase their intake of fruit, vegetables, and other "growing" foods before the holiday. These foods will supply nutrients for their bodies and reduce the temptation to consume sugary treats. Children should brush their teeth at least twice a every day.

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