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How Do Custom T Shirts Print?

There are a variety of options that can be used to have your customized T-shirts printed. In this article, we will cover Discharge, Heat transfer, and Direct to garment printing. The Bella+Canvas 3001 is the one to be used for this article. For more information, go to our article on the Bella+Canvas3001 All of these methods are excellent options for customizing your shirt printing needs. Which is the best option?

Discharge printing

Discharge printing on custom T-shirts gives your company logo an icy and soft feel. The inks used to print discharge are water-based, meaning they feel soft against the skin and are virtually unbreakable. Your business logo will last many years due to this. It's also environmentally friendly. People will continue to wear your shirt even after it's printed.

The best t-shirts to use for discharge printing are made from 100 100% cotton. The ink is sprayed through screens and dissolves the original dye color on the t-shirt. Then, it re-dyes your fabric in the desired shade. For instance, a black shirt would be permanently yellow if printed with an ink that is yellow. Standard plastisol inks however, sit on top of the shirt and leave an unprinted white pattern that is an enhanced version of the original colour.

Discharge ink reacts with dyes in different ways, so it is important to know how this will affect the final print. Different brands produce different discharge colors. One mill's dye may be more or less powerful, while another's might be more aggressive. Another issue is over-dying which means that the color of one shirt will not be what you'd like. Hence, make sure to inquire with your vendor about the process and final product before making your final decision.

Discharge printing is different from traditional screen printing. Instead of causing damage to its fibers, it uses special inks that dissolve dyes in the shirt. The result is a soft print which highlights the shirt's weave. It can be used as an underbase, or even on its own. Alternatively, it can be combined with other pigments for the appearance of softer.

Printing using heat transfer

The process of heat transfer printing is an excellent option if you're in need of printing large quantities of custom T-shirts. Although it could appear to be a large expense however, the cost of materials are minimal - just $2 per shirt. This includes the cost of the T-shirt itself, ink, and transfer paper. Additionally, labor is not too expensive. The cost of heat transfers is not worth the extra expense. They are sturdy and visually appealing, making them an ideal choice for any occasion or business.

You can achieve the best results from heat transfer printing by making sure that the design and the fabric are compatible. This is vital because the color and fabric compatibility greatly affect the final result. Before you transfer the design to the t-shirt, be sure to test it on a piece or piece of paper first. This will ensure that the final print is as high quality as possible. If you intend to print multiple colors, it's recommended that the design to first be tested on paper.

You could try heat transfer printing at home with an inkjet printer, if you're not sure what to expect. It produces decent quality designs however, it is more time-consuming than other processes. The inkjet printer creates a stiff layer on top of the fabric which makes it difficult to create intricate images. In addition the printing process only works on white shirt.

There are two major kinds of heat transfer printing custom t-shirts. There are two major types of heat transfer printing on customized t-shirts. There is the traditional heat-transfer method and newer heat-transfer printing. For the perfect fit you can combine both. Printing with heat transfer on custom-made tshirts will produce high-quality prints but extremely thin. In addition to that, you'll need to purchase high-end inks if you want your designs to look fantastic.

Direct to garment printing

Direct to garment printing makes use of water-based inks. It is usually utilized on 100% cotton clothes. The color produced by direct-to-garment printing will vary according to the fabric. Light colored garments can produce full-color images at minimal setup costs. They are ideal for printing runs that are short-run, less than 100 items. Dark-colored clothing needs an undercoat of white in order to guarantee an appealing print. These shirts could also be more dense and/or more durable than lighter-colored t-shirts.

To create a striking custom t-shirt design, direct-to-garment printing is an excellent option. If you're not an artist, this technique may be difficult to master, but it's easier than you think. It's a lot simpler than you think, due to the availability of clipart and templates. Direct-to-garment printing is an excellent way to save money as it is much cheaper than other methods.

Choosing a direct-to-garment printer is an excellent choice for small-scale companies that want to test out new designs and not have to maintain an inventory of ready-made designs. It's the equivalent of print-on-demand, but it offers an extremely long-lasting imprint. Printing on a variety materials is possible, including T-shirts and hats. However, direct to-garment printing works best for 100% cotton items.

When deciding between screen printing and direct-to garment printing the best way to choose the process depends on the style and type of the clothing you want to print on. Screen printing uses a stencil to press ink onto the fabric. Direct-to garment printing leaves just one layer of ink on the garment. Screen-printing leaves many layers, however, DTG only prints one layer of ink per garment.

Bella+Canvas 3001

If you are looking for a premium custom t-shirt to print your logo on, you cannot go wrong with the Bella+Canvas 3001 shirt. These shirts are made of 100% cotton and available in 8 sizes for both men and women. They are available for wholesale purchase and shipped anywhere in the world. These t-shirts are also the perfect gift for your family and friends.

The Bella+Canvas custom-sleeveless T-shirt is also available with a 'heather" texture. This blend of cotton and polyester is soft against your skin. It is made from the finest AIRLUME Cotton. This tshirt is made from the combed cotton fibers which are long stapled and are the softest available. It is also much easier to screen-print and embroider.

For ultimate comfort, the Bella+Canvas 3001 features a combed cotton construction. This material provides the soft, comfortable feel and a high-quality blank canvas to use for your personal logo printing. This material is great for retail giveaways and promotional giveaways. This is the perfect custom shirt for any budget. You'll be satisfied with the quality of these t-shirts.

Custom-designed t-shirts can be printed in full color on the front, back and both sides. You can choose 4 additional colors to print and place them on either the front or back of both sides. Simply select the amount of colors you'd like to use and the location you want them to appear, and you will receive an instant estimate. You can also pick other colors to be printed on the shirt.


There are many different benefits of having your customized T-shirts printed using Uber Prints. Not only does the service provide fast turnaround times, but it also has a huge range of clothing. You can choose from hoodies, tshirts, tanks, and much more. There are no minimum order requirements and no minimum order quantities. You can even order dog t-shirts! You can upload your art or photo to create a custom tee-shirt.

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