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Kiss Halloween Costume

How to Choose a KISS Halloween Costume

A costume from KISS for Halloween can be great fun to share with your friends particularly if you're in several people. You could even be a winner of a costume contest which can bring you a lot of attention. The band is known for their costumes that are fun If you're looking to find one for this year's Halloween, look no further. These costumes are guaranteed to be a hit. How do you select the best one? Here are some suggestions:

Gene Simmons

The Kiss Halloween costume is a great option for those who love music this Halloween. With an all black outfit and a mask in black and white This costume will make you appear like an actual Demon! This costume includes an apron and tongue mask to complete your appearance. This is the ideal choice for those who wish to look sexually attractive and frightening this Halloween! This costume is ideal for Halloween parties or even dates!

To complete the look, look for a shirt with metallic print that will look great with your costume. You can add rhinestones and boots to your overall outfit. The Kiss band is well-known for their amazing music, but they are also well-known for being distinctive and fashionable. Gene Simmons is no exception. The band's iconic guitarist and lead singer is recognized for his signature style. The Kiss costume also requires some face paint and a period-appropriate wig to complete the look.

Another fantastic Halloween costume you can find is an Gene Simmons mask. This costume is officially licensed to KISS and features a white vampire face with large fangs. This costume will make you feel like the lead singer of KISS. And who doesn't like Gene Simmons' iconic make-up? If you're a fan of the band's classic song 'God of Thunder', this is the perfect costume for you.

This costume is a great choice for Halloween. It's perfect for going out on the town. This black-and-white costume includes a belt and arm guntlets. You can also pick up printed silver studs to complete the look. The costume is available in four sizes and is sold at a variety of costume stores. You'll also require an wig and shoes.


If you're a KISS fan, you may be interested in a Spaceman as a Kiss Halloween costume. The costume is designed with metallic silver accents the costume is perfect for those who are a fan of KISS's iconic rock music. It comes with a black jumpsuit with silver trim in metallic silver and arm rings that snap into place. The costume also comes with shoe covers and boot covers, which snap into place and are made of elastic material.

As an active member of the KISS band, Spaceman is ready for dancing all the night long. You must visit Detroit Rock City to learn how to rock the crowd. You'll need to wear all black, and educate yourself in the art of rocking. This costume is an excellent way to demonstrate to the world that you're prepared to rock the crowd. The members of the group Tommy Thayer and Ace Frehly both carried the title.


No matter if you're a lover of Kiss or simply want to be a rock star for Halloween this year, a Starchild Halloween costume is just what you're looking for. Inspired by the legendary 80s band Kiss, the Starchild costume will make you look just like the legendary rock star. The costume comes with accessories such as a black vinyl choker, a silver belt and shoes. Starchild-style shoe covers feature silver cuffs, a black center, and three silver stars on the outside and inside of the legs. A pair of jumpsuit boots is included, as well as the option of a wig.

Starchild Halloween costumes are a great way for kids to get into the psychedelic energy and the music of the group. In contrast to a typical Halloween costume, Starchild costumes include wigs and awesome KISS boots, and even kits for face painting! KISS Starchild costumes are available for women, males, and youth. To create a unique costume, you can dress up as Paul Stanley, your father or son, or any other member of the band.

The Deluxe KISS Starchild Halloween costume is the perfect choice for children who wish to be an aspiring rock star. The costume includes an adult jumpsuit as well as a belt and boot tops. The costume is officially licensed by the band and is suitable for Halloween or other celebrations. This costume will make your child feel like the rock star. If you're looking for a costume distinctive and comfortable and comfortable, a Starchild costume is the perfect choice!


The KISS Costume worn by Catman is a nod to the legendary rock group's stage appearance. The black jumpsuit has silver metallic accents, and a belt that features the cat's emblem. The black gauntlets can be worn around the wrist, while boot covers protect your feet. To complete the look, wear the black mask. The costume is officially licensed and can be bought in most retail stores. Choosing the right costume is essential for your safety and comfort.

This Halloween costume comes with an outfit, belt, and makeup mask. It is made of 100 100% polyester. It is a little tighter than a normal costume, so you'll need to wear a few T-shirts or skirts to keep warm. You can also remove the wig to wear at Halloween celebrations. The wig isn't available in the packaging for retail and may not be exactly the same color as the one on the production sample. Also, it could have minor ink transfer, however this isn't an issue.

Secret wishes

The Secret Wishes Spaceman Costume makes the perfect option for Halloween parties, or KISS Kruise. This costume features a black sheath with a wide neck and Starfleet embellished details. The costume comes with leggings as well as short black hairstyle. The only accessories you'll need to complete this look are a black wig as well as black boots and the wig brush.

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