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Paris Hilton Halloween Costume

Paris Hilton Halloween Costume

This Paris Hilton Halloween costume is an excellent choice to spend a night on the town. The costume includes a short zip top and shorts, as well as a bag for the dog and a diamond choker. Paris's costume looks more elegant in real life than it is in her famous Halloween photos. This costume will make everyone talk and will surely turn heads. Take advantage of it today! It's also a good idea to carry the Paris Hilton dog purse while you're attending your Halloween party!

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

The actress and businesswoman looked like a classic movie character with her chic take on the costume. Paris dressed in her black leather dress with an embellished collar with rhinestones, a petcoat in red with glitter and an apron with red letters with the name "Dorothy". She also wore motorcycle gloves and a navy blue cardigan to top the look.

Beverly Hills-based Hollywood Heiress has donned many Halloween costumes. One of them was when she wore her Dorothy costume from the Wizard of Oz to the Jimmy Kimmel Show. As Toto's stand-in, she also brought her chihuahua. Paris also admitted that she has 20 other costumes. Paris also revealed that she owns more than a dozen costumes.

Other celebrities have also donned Halloween costumes. They include Harry Styles, who wore an outfit of red and blue boots designed to resemble Dorothy's ruby slippers. Others have been as extravagant as dressing as their favourite movies and television shows. Harry Styles, for example has donned a Dorothy costume and a basket containing a Toto stuffed Toto on stage.

Little Red Riding Hood

The reality television star and model is a big Halloween fan for many years. Her most recent costume was a sweet Little Red Riding Hood. In addition to her Little Red Riding Hood costume, the fashion designer also dressed as an air pilot and a sailing sailor. Zylka was also seen in a black hoodies and a bright yellow face mask, and Chanel gloves.

Other celebrities have shown off their Halloween costumes, including Nelly, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Vanessa Hudgens. Paris Hilton has already tried on a variety of costumes including a flapper costume and a schoolgirl outfit. She's also tried on the playboy bunny costume. There are plenty of possibilities to pick from to find the perfect costume for you.

Paris Hilton also wore a corset-inspired costume for Halloween. The tiger's horns were decorated with faux fur, and she wore a bunny ears headband to represent the character. She also had a bejeweled white neckband and a pair of leather riding gloves in white. The costumes of Paris Hilton for Halloween are a must-have for fans of the classic story.


In her Halloween outfit, Paris Hilton channeled the character of Cinderella the adored Disney princess. The model wore a blue ballgown and blonde curls, topped with a jeweled necklace. Other celebs who wore costumes as Disney characters included the Riverdale girls, who wore costumes as Scooby Doo characters, Lili Reinhart and Ariana Grande. A black dress was also the most popular choice.

Paris Hilton was also photographed in the white, thigh-length, thigh-length outfit with gold trim as well as a sparkling Tiara and diamond-encrusted glove. Paris was also accompanied on the trip by friends who dressed as the Squid Game's stars. Her gorgeous appearance was made more appealing by her attractive Halloween costumes. Paris Hilton has been seen wearing some of the most attractive Halloween costumes of all time.

Alice in Wonderland

Paris Hilton dressed up as Alice in Wonderland earlier this week for her Halloween party. She wore a white satin costume with garter-themed stockings and black patent heels. To complete her look, she paired it with an black choker. As usual, she wore her straight platinum blonde hair. Paris Hilton's Alice in Wonderland costume was not her first Halloween appearance. In 2007, she wore an Alice-inspired costume with a white apron and high-waisted thigh-high stockings.

Paris Hilton donned an Alice in Wonderland costume for her Halloween celebration in Beverly Hills. The costume consisted of a blue gown with white pinafore and black bow on the top. At the 2017 Halloween party, Paris took the bunny theme very seriously. She had an adorable pink feathered skirt with a the crop top that was a perfect match, sporting bunny eyes and sparkling pink heels. She paired the outfit with bunny ears in pink and a black bow.

Cinderella-inspired outfits

If you're seeking the most stylish and sexy Halloween costume, you can't look past the classic Disney princess. Paris Hilton's latest Halloween outfit was a re-imagined version of the fairy tale. The dress was adorned with delicate blue sleeves and heels. Her platinum hair was styled in loose waves and crowned with a silver tiara. Kate Beckinsale also donned a skin-tight latex Pope costume.

A couple of years ago, Paris Hilton went as princess in her Halloween costume, a white dress and a headpiece with jewels. Paris chose black makeup and diamond-studded eyelashes to mark the event. Paris decided to go with the theme of bunnies again this year. She donned an adorable pink feather skirt, the matching crop top, a pair of sparkling heels and a pair of fluffy pink bunny ears.

A modern-day take on the classic fairy-tale is the Cinderella-inspired outfit. This outfit is a great option to dress up a group since pieces are so versatile. A group of friends can get together and dress up as princesses, which is the perfect idea for Halloween. This costume is affordable and is perfect for Halloween. The pieces are easy to put together and allow plenty of room for individual creativity.

Alice in Wonderland-inspired attire

Paris Hilton wore an Alice in Wonderland-inspired outfit in 2007 to mark her wedding to River Viiperi. The actress wore white stockings with thigh-high sleeves and a white apron , which featured the name "Alice" printed. Her boyfriend was the Mad Hatter. Both dressed as classic characters from Alice in Wonderland.

As a socialite Paris Hilton loves to shock her followers. Her Halloween costume combines the dress she wore made from Trashy Lingerie with garter-themed stockings and black patent heels. She complemented the look with a ruffled choker. As a fellow socialite, Paris Hilton enjoys causing uproars by wearing outrageous costumes.

Many famous faces have adopted the fairycore look this Halloween. Kendall Jenner dressed up as a gold fairy with elf ears. Kylie Jenner chose her black sequin minidress. Paris Hilton, who has often donned a popular cosplay, is known to take the bunny theme seriously. Her 2017 costume included an ethereal pink skirt and crop top that was eye-studded top. She also put on sparkling pink heels. The actress even topped the look off with matching diamond bunny ears.

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz outfit

If you're looking for the ideal costume for Halloween for the next Hollywood celebrity, you're in good company. Many celebrities are getting into the Halloween spirit by dressing up in their favorite pop-culture characters. Harry Styles wore a Dorothy costume from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween. The singer had a blue and white checkered dress that was paired with a bow and red tights. Her makeup was rouged, and she finished off the appearance with a pair of blue and red boots. In addition to the iconic Dorothy costume, Harry wore a stuffed Toto.

Paris Hilton took inspiration from the classic film to play the role of the witch in "The Wizard of Oz." She wore a strapless gown with a lace bodice and a black cowboy cap. The apron was finished with red stitching and she was wearing black motorcycle gloves. The rest of her outfit was comprised of a navy blue cardigan as well as a pleated mini skirt.

Paris Hilton wore the Dorothy costume from the Wizard of Oz, but she also donned the Playboy Bunny outfit. In this Halloween costume the celebrity posed as a schoolgirl, with bunny ears and a black bodysuit. In addition to the Dorothy outfit, she also wore a black bodysuit with collar. The outfit was decorated with the collar's ruffle.

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