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The Weeknds Halloween Costume

The Weeknd's Halloween Costume Revealed

While The Weeknd's most well-known Halloween look is his diamond-encrusted red jacket, he's also taken on a few other styles to keep his fans satisfied. His character also wears large black-rimmed sunglasses with gold-orange lenses. Marlon Brando's iconic style was also replicated in his wig and silk gloves. The Weeknd was often seen wearing an orange jacket with a bandage, and to dress up similarly to his character at other occasions.

The Weeknd dressed as Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather

The Weeknd is famous for his sexy clothes and the lyrics he raps, has gotten up as a mob boss from The Godfather for Halloween. The Weeknd posted pictures and videos of the outfit on Instagram. To resemble the famous character from the 1972 mafia film He wore a wig and facial prosthetics. Although he's not a real mobster the actor has played mob bosses previously.

The Weeknd has been well-known to go all out in costume. In fact the singer wore the exact costume throughout the After Hours era, convincing fans that he'd changed his face. The Weeknd was an almost perfect portrayal by the Nutty Professor in the Halloween contest earlier in the year. However, he could have done better than he did last year. The Weeknd posted an Instagram photo of his costume: "The don is coming!"

The Weeknd has a knack of creating outrageous Halloween costumes. His most recent Halloween costume was an Don Vito Corleone costume from the Marlon Brando film The Godfather. He has also donned costumes of the Nutty Professor and Lydia Deetz. The Weeknd has worn costumes from Tim Burton films as well as the Godfather.

He imitated Marlon Brando's act from the iconic film

The Weeknd was seen wearing the iconic Marlon look in The Godfather to imitate Marlon. The Weeknd shared the behind the scene makeover on Instagram. The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, was dressed in a black tuxedo, a white dress shirt, and a red rose combo. To complete the look, The Weeknd carried a thin mustache with fake wrinkles and age spots.

The Weeknd posted pictures on his Instagram account, showing him in the iconic costume of Don Vito Corleone, a character played by Marlon Brando in the 1972 film. He is well-known for his extravagant Halloween costumes. He donned the black suit and posed in iconic Brando poses. The singer, who was Don Vito Corleone's character, posed with Bella Hadid to portray the character Lydia Deetz.

Although it's true that the Weeknd's style is an amalgamation of the famous action from Marlon Brando's "Scarface," the actress has also expressed disappointment that the singer has torn off a portion of the 'Sonny' star's famous act. The Weeknd posted a few photos with the actor.

He wore a wig similar to Marlon Brando's

The Weeknd rocked a grey-slicked-back hairstyle and a mask that was similar to Marlon brando's Halloween costume. Many have expressed their outrage over the Weeknd's costume, but it's clear that white people don't grasp the concept of cultural appropriation. This is the way in which a dominant culture appropriates a lower culture's things in order to profit from it. However, it doesn't work for black people since black people don't have the social capital to accomplish that.

The Weeknd was Don Vito Corleone in the 1972 film. To achieve his Don Vito costume, he utilized facial prosthetics and hair that was grey and slicked back, similar to the one worn by Brando. To complete the look, the actor added fake wrinkles and age spots, and a moustache that resembles Marlon Brando's.

Another top-of-the-line Halloween costume was The Nutty Professor In this costume, The Weeknd was a model for Eddie Murphy's character Sherman Klump. He used prosthetic make-up and a fat suit, and his wig was very like the character's. But he tried to keep his outfit as positive as he could. The tweed jacket and blue pinstripe shirts matched his character's appearance, and he topped it off with a red polka-dot bow tie and glasses with wire-rims.

He wore silk gloves that were similar to his

The Weeknd was a fan favorite. His unique Halloween outfit was the reason he became so well-known. He wore silk gloves which are similar to the black leather gloves he wore to his Halloween show. They are lightweight and offer smooth coverage. They are comfortable to wear and are a perfect match to The Weeknd's Halloween costume. You can also purchase similar gloves to mimic his style. Learn how to imitate The Weeknd's style.

The Weeknd was seen wearing earrings made of white gold that were fashioned in an inverted triangle shape. The earrings are 14K gold and feature a princess-cut solitaire in the setting of a four prong basket. These earrings are easy to wear with the pushback of a butterfly. The Weeknd was seen wearing silk gloves similar to his Halloween costume to celebrate the holiday. He looked amazing in his costume for Halloween, however it was too obvious to certain people.

The Weeknd is a serious Halloween costumer, unlike the majority of celebrities who keep their costumes simple. The Weeknd wore silk gloves and a look similar to Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner who dressed as Mike Myers and Black Panther. The Weeknd wore a costume inspired by The Godfather, and he was Marlon Brando for Halloween. Despite not being able to make their costumes match the costumes they wore are stunning.

He had dried blood on his face

The Weeknd has become famous for his haunting Halloween costumes. He has appeared in Beetlejuice Eddie Murphy's impersonator, and Sherman Klump from "The Nutty Professor." This year the Canadian singer dressed up as The Joker. His costume consisted of a red suit jacket as well as green hair and face paint. Some of his fans took offense to the outfit, while others think it was a harmless mistake.

His "After Hours" visuals tell the story of an unforgettable night. The Weeknd is a rapper whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, appeared on "Saturday Night Live" in March and was seen in New York last week. Despite the controversy surrounding his attire, fans are nonetheless intrigued by his artistic vision.

While the response to The Weeknd's Halloween costume has mostly been positive however, there were some who were a bit confused by his disguise. He was dressed as Don Vito Corleone, the mafia King from The Godfather, and he even wore facial prosthetics. The Weeknd's hair was cut short and his makeup included fake wrinkles, age spots and dried blood.

He wore a wig similar to his

The Weeknd was seen wearing a wig similar to one worn by Marlon brando in "The Godfather." The actor and musician is known for dressing up in costumes based on his favorite film characters during holidays. His latest Halloween costume was no exception. The Weeknd took on the character from the 1972 film by wearing his tuxedo, wig and hairstyle that was positioned in front. He carried his signature red roses, fake wrinkles, and age spots.

Kanye West has been linked to a number of celebrities, including The Weeknd. The producer and rapper collaborated with Anissa Salazar who is a makeup artist to create a look that was similar to Halloween's. Christine Nelli used face paint for The Weeknd's Halloween style. Anissa Salazar did the makeup and hair. Although it's not clear what inspired the wig, it is very like the one he wore last Halloween.

In the meantime, Bella Hadid channeled Lydia Deetz who he has played in the past. A tulle-lined dress with a matching wig, latex stockings and a wig that was a match were worn by Bella Hadid. She also carried a bouquet of red roses. Gigi Hadid wore a costume as Beetlejuice's bride, Lydia Deetz. She dressed in a custom ruffled red dress and spiked bangs. Colette Jewelry also provided a diamond snake-ring worth $7,200 and beetle necklace.
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