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Vector Halloween Costume

Vector Halloween Costume - Dress Up Like the Excentric Nerd!

For Halloween why not dress as Vector? What do you know about this eccentric nerd? Vector invented the toy with orange and white gun! And he's more than a little bit eccentric too. This article will help you find the perfect Vector costume for Halloween. Here are some of Vector's most loved things. If you have trouble deciding Vector will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about his eccentricities! This article is meant to be used as a guideline.


You might want to dress as Vector the Supervillain from Despicable Me, if you are planning a Halloween-themed party. Vector is actually Victor Perkins, the son of Mr. Perkins. He has achieved many feats, including stealing Giza's Great Pyramid of Giza and defeating Gru's plans to steal the Moon. You can dress as Vector to celebrate the holidays with style this year.

Vector's father

Mr. Perkins, Vector's father in Despicable Me, is a supervillain with a fascinating personality. He is the owner of the Bank of Evil. For Halloween and other costume events, you can dress up as a villain. There are many things that you will appreciate about Mr. Perkins, including his trademark orange jumpsuit and evil expression. No matter what costume you choose, you're certain to have a good time!

Vector's eccentricities

A Halloween costume that includes Vector one of the most well-known villains of the past, is hard to beat. You can pick an Vector halloween costume that incorporates the iconic orange tracksuit and white sneakers. You can add an orange collar and stripes to make it more authentic. If you don't want to wear masks, you could wear a brown bowl-cut wig instead. It's not easy to drink through the mask so ensure you have a reusable water container.

Vector's signature look

If you've seen the animated series Despicable Me, you're probably familiar with the character Vector. This villain is well-known for his notorious theft of the Great Pyramid of Giza from Gru, his minions, and others. Although you might be tempted to wear pajamas to celebrate Halloween, Vector's iconic look isn't pajamas. The tracksuit he wears with his signature orange, white sneakers, and evil facial expression are all a part of his look, and you can put on these pieces to dress up as your Halloween costume!

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